Good to be back :)

Ayeeee can’t wait till this server is back up, and get back to the good old days :D…

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Graardor Returns

Hi Guys,

Many of you know that Graardor has been offline for about 2 months. This was due to unexpected relocation of my workplace. I apologise for not stating anything previously as it was a very hectic move for me.

Development will continue after 22nd May and the server should be back up with many new features at the end of May and June.

We will be back up soon and character saves will remain as normal. When we’re back up this time we’ll be back up for good and advertising fully!

Look forward to seeing the old players online.

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Useful information in eurowiki

Soccer, basketball lineup

축구 , 농구 라인업 볼수 있는 사이트 주소

Overseas major toto site. Playground ranking

해외메이저토토사이트. 놀이터 순위

Is it illegal to use an overseas betting site?

해외배팅 사이트 이용 불법인가 아닌가?

The private playground garbage cakes are eaten.

사설 놀이터 꽁 머니는 먹튀를 부른다.

How is the difference between a private TOTO site and a major TOTO site?

사설 토토 사이트와 메이저 토토 사이트는 어떻게 다를까?

Sports Toto Better know how betting, betting technique

스포츠토토 잘하는 배팅 노하우,배팅기법

Overseas major toto site. Playground ranking

해외메이저토토사이트. 놀이터 순위

Korea official TOTO – How to analyze proto

한국 공식 토토 – 프로토 분석하는 방법

Recommended for major playgrounds? Where is the major playground list?

메이저 놀이터 추천? 메이저 놀이터 리스트는 어디에?

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Update 08/03/2018

A few bug fixes:

– Fixed ironman picking up their items on death
– Fixed MB Lever
– You can now make blessed spirit shield and ely, divine, spectral, arcane shields.
– Lootshare has been fixed
– Blood, water alters in abyss teleport has been fixed
– Outer abyss teleport has been placed in correct location
– You can now make toxic blowpipes and Serp helm by using chisel on the tanzanite fang or serpentine visage

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Update 27/02/2018 – Drop System Rework + Achievement Fixes

The drop system should match how RS wiki does it now. We have dumped both old school and new RS3 monsters. Here is everything else that was fixed:

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